Our business model

Our company owns and operates partnership ventures storage and logistics businesses in 50 terminals around the globe with a total storage capacity of 150 million cubic meters and specialize in storage of petroleum products including Novorossiysk port, Saint Petersburg port, Vladivostok port, Kozmino port and top world ports as Rotterdam port, Houston port, Ventspils port, Hamburg port, Tianjin port, Mundra Port and port of Singapore with more than (2,000,000m3) storage capacity in total.

Trust and Reliability

Petrozavodsk Tank farm offers the proven ability at managing, storing, handling, transferring and transporting of products. In the areas of developing capital-intensive storage facilities with substantial local and international business partners, the financial strength of the company is considered as a valuable resource. To enable improvement of our shareholders value, the company continues to implement a strategic controlled growth of our storage tank based service network in several world terminals through acquisitions, completion of new buildings, technical upgrading of existing facilities.


Koppalin Yuri Alexandrovich



Artem Zakharov